Relief for small business owners.

Whenever we start talking about Small Business some of these basic features come to our mind immediately which are the key to success for the small business owners. To make your business grow and flourish one should take care of these points.

Relief for small business owners. 

You must have the capabilities to react quickly to opportunities.

What you make is distinctive and desirable.

Employee Management:
The relationship between an employee and his or her manager is a key factor in not only employee motivation, engagement, and retention but also in business growth. You can motivate employees by treating them with respect. Employees can be managed effectively through better communication,empowerment,offering opportunities for advancement, lessing down cumulative and monotonous work and by providing them incentives.

You get the buzz of knowing all activities are running smoothly as desired.

Personal Service:
You have a much closer relationship with customers. This is possible through immediate attention and response.

Your customers appreciate your in-depth knowledge and ready availability.

A Great Boss:
You don’t have to ask all sorts of layers of management before you make a decision.

All these features can now be efficiently handled through a single App. We have come up with one of the best Applications for sales professionals which we have named as Twib.It has a web based ( admin panel which is capable enough to manage the day to day activities of your team by GPS facility. This also relievies the sales employees from manual entry, employees. Employees can submit their location through gps and hence claiming of expense and daily reporting for sales employee becomes easy. It captures and hence stores the real data from the location itself. It helps the company to organize the sales visit and reporting part more efficiently with images.

It is not only a best sales App for Android for Small Business owners but It’s also an organized solution which supports various business like publishers, FMCG, footwear manufacturing, pharmaceuticals,real estate, garments manufacturing units and many more.

All that employees and the employer need to have is an Android phone and Twib installed in it.

Let’s go through some of the features provided by Twib:

1 Location Recording:
For the small business the major issue is varied location depending upon the business interest factor.Our App Twib knows where your sales activity took place with location image as your salesperson have the Twib App installed with him. It also records the time of the activity. Now, with this feature the company can easily chalk out it’s potential business locations. This feature is equally beneficial to the salesperson also as they don’t have to spend extra time in entering all these important details. Rather, they can spend more time in sales activity. This feature also acts as a Sales Tracker for the Company as it keeps the Sales Track on daily basis.

2. Offline Capabilities:
It often happens in case of small business that the site of the business is in some remote area where you won't find any internet facility. Most of the Mobile Application fails to serve the purpose here. But with Twib you don’t have to worry about it. In absence of internet, all the details will be stored within the device and once internet is available the App will Sync the details in the cloud for reporting. So it helps to grow your business even in low network area with the help of data sync in cloud.

3. Attendance Marker for the Employees:
This App offers employees activities and check-in in Maps. It provides both Online and Offline check-ins for Sales Employees, mark attendance, upload expense, upload expense report from anywhere anytime. This way they will not have to come to office for marking attendance or their entry and exit from field of work everyday. Rather they could invest this time in some productive work. This way Twib acts as a business expense tracker easing the overloads of both the employer and the employees.

4. Remote Work Assign:
One of the most attractive feature of this App is remote work assignment. Twib, the efficient Sales tool, provides hassle free experience for project managers as they can directly assign work to their sales representatives. This not only saves effort of moving but also saves time.

5. Cloud based Approach:
Small business Companies also need to save data for their daily dealing and transactions. With Twib a company’s data is sync to our servers in the cloud. You have the option of accessing the data from anywhere anytime you want. No data will be lost. Latest security measures have been used to secure your data. This way it is of great use to the customers, salesperson as well as the company.

6. Check-In with images:
Employees can enter their visit to a site with the help of Check-In images. This helps the employee to show his/her on-spot visits and meeting with the clients. This also helps to build a trustworthy relationship between the clients and the owners as they are able to get a real time view of the official activities. Apart from this, the employer can use this facility as its Sales tracking system or employee tracker software.

7. Expense View:
With the help of twib, you can manage your employees’ expense on a daily and monthly basis. This is because you are having the all time record of activities of your employees.

8. Detail Reporting:
This feature eases both the employer and the employee. Employees can fill in their detailed report by simple button press without involving additional time. On the other hand employer can find all the detailed reports on their fingertips which is accessible from anywhere anytime.

9. Push Notification:
Now you can notify your employees with any piece of important information anytime. Hence No important information will be missed out.

10. Quick Friendly support:
The Support team of Twib will help you 24x7. So, with Twib you will achieve “Your Sales Process, Simplified”. Since Small business Business is involved with comparatively less number of employees, Twib proves itself to be one of the most useful App for the purpose. Through Twib you can keep a real time track of the employees, also called as real time Employee Monitoring. If in any case any employee faces any adverse or emergency situation, concerned people can reach out to him/her as rescue by the GPS Employee Tracking. Hence, Twib serves as a total solution for sales operation in Small business Business and one of the best app for the sales professionals. At the employers end it serves as an effective sales performance metrics and sales productivity metrics. To many sectors of working professionals Twib may appear as a sales tracking app or sales activity tracker but if thinking in a broader sense will surely give the impression that it's rather a Sales Tool or Sales management App.
N.B: The author Main Uddin is an e-entrepreneur cum regular columnist for various media houses as well as tech blogger. 


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