Establishing Of Small Industries In This Modern Dates : A Brief Mantras To Gain Success As Businessman With Small Industry

Small Industries have acquired a prominent place in the socio economy and development of a country. It faces many serious problems most of which are associated with smallness of their operations. The measure of promote them too are, in general, of different variety from those needed for development of large industries .There are two types of small industries : Traditional small industries and Modern small industries. The root causes and factors of failure ness of small industries:
i)                    Increasing competition from within the small sector  as well as from large industries with established brand name and marketing setups.
ii)                  Consumers’ awareness, even in rural and semi urban areas for qualities goods.
iii)                 The need to set up distribution networks for reaching out widely dispersed market.
iv)                Inability of the small industries to exploit the export market.
v)                  Raw materials purchasing cost maintenance & Selection of item as market demand
vi)                Poor infrastructure facilities & Lack of awareness.
vii)              Lack of technological up gradation & Lack of Research and development.
viii)            Lack of credit facilities.
ix)                Scarcity of power and irregular availability of power.
Measures of Improvement
These problems may be solved by taking some measure of improvements as follows:
i)                    Adequate infrastructure is necessary for the development of small industries .Government should give top priorities to socio cultural development as well as privately individual(s), NGO’s etc. It is needed overhear development of Road, Railway, Bank, telecommunication, etc.
ii)                  The government, individual(s), NGO’s to ensure adequate reward for produce and reasonable prices to ultimate consumers must involve suitable pricing policy.
iii)                Marketing co-operative societies and other govt. and private agencies must be strength and prepare to take change of various market functions such as storage, transportation, grading etc.
iv)                Market intelligent system should be improved with modern tools implantation.
v)                  Good raw materials, equipments and imported tools are supplied as necessary.
vi)                Credit facilities must be given to these small industries either from government or individual(s) as those are not feel lack of capital.
vii)              Organize publicity for quality goods produced by small industries.
viii)            Initiate measures for evolving brands and symbols of quality such as Agmark,holemark,woolmark,trademark,iso etc.
ix)                Trade fares have to organize to attract native and out side of country to explore the produced goods.

The present scenario of marketing structure of small industries is 
unsatisfactory every where due to large industries and lack of modern 
techniques. So basic facilities and modern techniques should be 
implemented in these small industries .