Sindhuja Rajaraman Is The World's Most Youngest CEO Of A Large Company

Fourteen-year-old Sindhuja Rajaraman has become the world's youngest Chief Executive Officer (CEO).Many of us dream of becoming a CEO of a company. But to get there requires the right qualifications, lots of hard work and years of experience.But Sindhuja Rajaraman is different. She has become the CEO of Seppan, a Chennai based animation company at just 14 years of age.Now many will ask what has she done to become a CEO at such a young age.Well, Sindhuja is extremely gifted and talented when it comes to animation. Secondly, she has the backing of her father – who realises she can make it really big one day.Sindhuja was adjudged the fastest 2D and 3D animator by software lobby NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) at the Gaming and Animation Conclave held in Hyderabad last year.Besides that, She is the youngest digital caricaturist certified by Corel Corporation.Sindhuja may soon register her name in the Guiness Book of World Records. She has attempted to make a three munite animation film in 10 hours.Big companies have approached Sindhuja but she has other plans. She wishes to study more. She aims to study animation at the Vancouver Film School, Canada. She also aims to build her company into a big one.Like they say “Where there is a will there is a way”. Lets hope this bright little CEO makes it big and inspires many to follow her footsteps. (Bharat Chronicle)


Typology of modern marketing development of global transnational corporation

Transnational marketing concept has come after the end of cold war as directly we can the starting globilazation.This concept covers domestic marketing, export marketing, international marketing, multinational marketing, global marketing.
i) Domestic marketing :-
Marketing that is targeted exclusively on the home country market is called domestic marketing. A company engaged in domestic marketing has few challenges to carry on for their strategic focusing .Before globalizing domestic marketing was the main strategic of every company or institution.
ii)Export marketing:-
Export marketing is the first stage of addressing market opportunities out side the home country. A sophisticated export marketer will study target markets and adapt product / services to meet the specific needs of customers in each country.
iii)International marketing:-
International marketing covers the environment of each countries customers choices those have to meet by the marketer company or institution. It based o communication relay to each country to others one. such we can see in market about Nokia,Sunsui,IBM etc.
iv)Multinational marketing :-
Multinational marketing and International marketing approximately same but multinational marketing has wide range as such it covers almost maximum countries of its marketing operation .A multinational company or institution has to develop it products or services to meet all ages or socio economic characters of the countries each.
v)Transnational marketing :-
Transnational marketing is the newest concept of international marketing .it focuses upon leveraging a company’s assets,experience,and product globally and upon adapting to what truly unique and different in each country.
**Global marketing or transnational marketing doesn’t mean entering every country of the world. It depends on company’s or institution’s resources and nature of operations. It has another important thing to determine the home and out side country’s threat about their marketing strategic.

Marketing is a universal discipline of practical human beings

The foundation for a successful global marketing program is a sound understanding of the marketing discipline. Marketing is a process of focusing resources and objectives of an organization on environmental opportunities and needs. The first and most fundamental fact about marketing is discipline which is applicable all over the ages & places are the same .It is a set of concepts, tools, theories, practices & procedures, harmony and experiences. All these methods constitute a teachable & learnable body of knowledge. Although Marketing is a universal method of practice but each place or person applies it in his/her own technique of the field of work observation. The marketing plan has to be changed if the customers, competitors, channels of distribution and avail media are different. During the past three decades the concept of marketing has changed dramatically for the development of information technology. But it is remain same as it was before to gain customer and benefit of such particular individual(s), organization(s), and institution(s). The new concept of marketing is based on four p’s which means product(s) ,price(s),promotion(s) and place(s).Channel of distribution is the another important factor of marketing propaganda which we define as places. The strategic concept of marketing has evolutioned. Now it is needed to know every thing about customer, product, government policy, product policy, competitors’ policy, economic & socio culture and many more of the market.

Moneymantras9 :Customer value and the value equation of the global marketing

The essence of marketing is creating customer value that is greater than the value created by
the competitors. The value equation is determined by perceived benefits divides price.
Value for the customer can be increased by expanding or improving product and or service benefits, by reducing the price, or by a combination of these elements. Companies/ institutions those use price as a competitive weapon must have a strategic cost advantage in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage. This might come from heap labor, or access to cheap raw materials, or it might come from manufacturing scale or efficiency or more efficient management. Knowledge of the customer combined with innovation and creativity can lead to product improvements and service that matters to customers. If the benefits are strong enough and valued enough by customers, a company does not need to be the low-price competitor in order to win customers. The competitive advantages must exist relative to relevant competitors. If the company is in local industry then these competitors will be local, In order to national company or global company then their competitors will be national or global.

The Main Principles Of Global Marketing management

The essence of marketing can be summarized in three great principles. Those are such as
i) the purpose and task of marketing, ii) the competitive reality of marketing, iii) the achieving
of marketing target .
i) The purpose and task of marketing:-
Every marketing professional, institution, organization has to determine the main purpose its marketing as it may be useful to that particular lobby. There after it is needed to determine the task or work the organization / institution is going to perform in market.
ii) The competitive reality of marketing:-
Competition is the genuine nature of the human beings and it is enforced every where of our life .Marketing is one the field where competition works heavily in every step of works. It is in four form competitions in Marketing such as product competition, resource competition, plan competition and distribution (HRD) competition.
iii) The achieving of marketing target:-
Every plan, strategy of marketing main targeting to achieve the goal of the core institution/organization .Finally it demands the targeted benefits from the marketing .This is the final step of the marketing.