Top 51 Global Business & Corporate Blogs For The Financial Year 2011-2012

Blogging has become the hot bed of Global marketing and advertising media.So almost all the global and multinational companies have already applied this powerful tool of information technology.The business blogs field is getting more competitive than other blogs.Corporate blogs have more functionality and trustness than others because they are operated by the most of branded companies or successful business guru.Seth Godin has capyured the top of the business blogosphere, while Guy Kawasaki and Robert Scoble still rule in corporate blogging field.

I have made the list of Top 51 Business & corporate Blogs for the financial year 2011-2012 on the basis of online search(Google, yahoo,aol,rediff),Alexa ranking,Google Page Rank,offline magazines.[Admin declaration: You may not be agree with my list but they are really better business and corporate blogs.]
1.Seth’s Blog::Seth Godin Marketing
2.How to Change the World::Guy Kawasaki Career
3.Robert Scoble ::Robert Scoble Technology
4.Zen Habits::Leo Baubata Work Life Balance
5.Calculated Risk::Bill McBride Finance
6.Small Business Trends::Anita Campbell Small Business
7.Chris Brogan::Chris Brogan Social Media
8.The Big Picture::Barry Ritholtz Economics
9.A VC ::Fred Wilson Venture Capital
10.Economist’s View ::Mark Thoma Economics
11The Simple Dollar::Trent Hamm Personal Finance
12.Grasping Reality::Brad DeLong Economics
13.Brian Solis ::Brian Solis
14.Global Economic Trends ::Mike Shedlock Economics
15.Brazen Careerist:: Penelope Trunk Career
16.Greg Mankiw::Greg Mankiw Economics
17.Both Sides of the Table::Mark Suster Venture Capital
18.The Baseline Scenario
::James Kwak Finance 
19.Blog Maverick::Mark Cuban Entrepreneurship 
20.Rortybomb::Mike Konczal Economics 
21.Pharmalot ::Ed Silverman Pharma 
22.Tom Peters::Tom Peters Management 
23.Calacanis::Jason Calacanis Entrepreneurship 
24.Microfinance Open Book::David Roodman Microfinance 
25.Work Matters::Bob Sutton Management 
26.ProBlogger::Darren Rowse Blogging 
27.Ben Casnocha::Ben Casnocha Entrepreneurship 
28.Pharma Gossip::Anonymous “Jack Friday” Pharma 
29.Timbuktu Chronicles::Emeka Okafor Africa 
30.Interfluidity::Steve Randy Waldman Economics 
31.Five Cent Nickel::Anonymous “Nickel” Personal Finance 
32.Presentation Zen::Garr Reynolds Presentations 
33.Neuromarketing::Roger Dooley Marketing 
34.FarmGate::Stu Ellis Agriculture 
35.Drew’s Marketing Minute::Drew McLellan Marketing 
36.All Things Workplace::Steve Roesler Leadership 
37.The Aleph Blog::David Merkel Investing 
38.HR Bartender::Sharlyn Lauby HR 
39.CEO Blog-Time Leadership::Jim Estill Leadership 
40.Toilet Paper Entrepreneur::Mike Michalowicz Entrepreneurship 
41.Re: The Auditors::Francine McKenna Accounting 
42.Random Roger::Roger Nusbaum Personal Finance 
43.The Practice of Leadership::George Ambler Leadership 
44.Tom Asacker::Tom Asacker Marketing 
45.Management Craft::Lisa Haneberg Management 
46.Ageless Marketing::David B. Wolfe Marketing 
47.On Product Management::Saeed Khan Product Management 
48.Economics of Contempt::Anonymous Lawyer Finance 
49.Stuart Bruce::Stuart Bruce PR 
50.Software Project Mgmt:: Pawel Brodzinski Project Management 
51.Global Marketing Research Center:Shazida Khatun,the Assamese Webmaster
We made the list according to our own methodology.Maximum blogs are belongs to single  author because we want to celebrate the individual writers.As we do not want to be influenced by business models or advertising to skew the results.We just want to rank the best writing,period.So our readers can get maximum results of informative articles of those blog.


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