Three Basic Requirements For A successful Global Marketing Plan Of Any Global Or Transnational Company

The successful global plan is an integrated set of effective national marketing plan.Each marketing plan should be based upon three basic points.These three points are :-
1.Knowledge of the market and the marketing environment:-
This criteria covers the 
customers, competitors and the government. The global headquarter must ensure the full plan with subsidiaries like engineering ,technical,raw materials ,marketing staff and many more co factors.These co factors are some times become primary factors so alternation of plan with in emergency effect criteria . Functional methods also keep in mind in the process of planning.
2.Knowledge of the Product:-
This criteria involves mainly the formal product(s),its technology and core benefit of the product(s) .The global or transnational plan is neither the product or subsidiary nor the product(s) headquarters.It is neither top down nor bottom up on the other hand it is the combines inputs of global and the local representatives.This balance is most essential to draw a successful global plan.
3.Knowledge of the Marketing Function and Discipline :-
The global or transnational plan should be initiated by a global overview that assesses the broad of opportunity and threat on a global basis which break down this assessment on a country by country indicating the sales of the product(s).In case of global plan it should be maintain that headquarter must be like adviser because directive order may be fall the plan in near future.Local or regional basis plan should be prepare with the help of local representatives of the particular region. Headquarter is seeking top performance from each region or country office and integration of its global plan.
Conclusion of global plan :-
Global Plan is the main mantra of global company or transnational company.The global company is integrated its market via global plan.So global plan makes the particular company more stronger to face the Global market with their existing product(s) or upcoming product(s).


9 Points Of Product Saturation Levels In Global Business & Marketing Field.

Product saturation level is one of the most essential factor in global business and marketing world.We are going to disclose the nine points of product saturation with the view of time and custom zones.
 I.Product Design:-
Product design is the key factor of success in global market so it is need to keep in mind that single design may not be work same in globally .It needs modification due to change of time and customs changing level in internationally.
2.Product Preferences:-
Product preferences depend on color and taste based because same color or taste may not be suitable for another customs or nation so product must give preference on the basis of particular custom or nation(s).
3.Product cost:-
Product cost is one of the major factor of global market so when it design must keep in mind to as much as cheapest cost either in manufacturing or selling matter.
4.Product Law & Regulation:-
Product design does never violet the law and regulation of any nation or international any treaty between the nations.If it violets then must bear great loss in globally.
5.Local Like Design:-
Product design must bear the local made sign on it because on a days nationalism  growing more and more for the capturing the capitalism.
6.Self Produce Design:-
Self produce design means that manufacturing unit must covers the nationals  where it situated.If possible more and more local employees should keeps in hand to design.
7.Non Tariff Barriers:-
Non tariff barriers means the product design have to cross the boundaries of many nations so it have to obey the local government and touches countries  laws and policies which they apply on your design.
8.Communication Strategic Alternatives:-
Product design must have the alternative strategic source under the on time situation basis that is the demand of time and custom(s).
9.Product Compatibility:-
Product design last issue is compatibility with the environment in which it is used.Simply any one can say that translate all  things as manual, warranty card,electricity consume,repair diagram  etc must be on the basis of local custom and tradition.Another thing is that climate which can maintain the withstand humidity .
Product design or service is the main and primary condition to start a business either nation wide or globally .So it is most essential to the business personnels to carry the all points in mind before start it.If you like or dislike this article  then comment bellow with your thoughts.



Now this days most of the countries in the world is following Americans customs and behaviors every where in daily life.Business professionals are more interested to accept the Americans strategy in own business in global market. But some time it will surely harm your business in global market when you or your organization sits on the table of negotiations.
Americans follow the custom “I am what I am” to show them more perfect and more stronger than others but it is needed to adapt more flexible standpoint and ready to change the willing ness at situations want to negotiations follow. Here we are discussed to avoid nine points of cross cultural negotiation by the US business professionals have to avoid for mix up in global business and marketing field:-
I.” I can get it alone” manner:-American are typically outnumbered in negotiations.
Correction method:-Greater reliance on teamwork and division of negotiating labor.
II..”Just call me Jhon” manner:-Americans place a high value on informality on participants in negotiations.
Correction method: Respect the custom and class structures of other culture.
III.”Pardon my French” method:-Americans are culturally mono lingual and don’t want to speak except English.
Correction method:-Try to learn local language and interact with the participants on the local language. Almost a few sentences will help more to make intimacy of that custom.
IV.”Get to the point” method:-Americans are more blunt and impatient than others and want direct action as no formality.
Correction:-Understand that the other peoples custom and formality as they use to do negotiations.
V.”Lay your cards on the table” method:-Americans like to state the case up front, and are not accustomed to feeling out prospective partners.
Correction method:-Slow down and recognize the need to ask same question from various angle.
VI.”Don’t just sit there speak up” method:-Americans are uncomfortable with silence during negotiations.
Correction method:- Recognize that silence is golden as other culture reflect it for formality so you have to wait fiscal and body expression of conversation .
VII.”Don’t take no for an answer manner:-Americans give high value of persistence and hard sell in work.
Correction method: If get reply as no then stop negotiation and try to find out why the reply no has come.
VIII.”One thing at a time “method:-Americans favor a linear, organized left bran style of negotiating.
Correction method:-Recognize your right brain capability Embrace a more holistic approach towards negotiations of any business deal.
IX.”A deal is a deal” method:-This is a projection of an excitation which may not be shared.
Correction method:-Accept a more gradual, supplemental view of negotiations and joint effort.
Conclusion of USA business professionals: Now this days the have already learnt more more flexibility standpoint and ready to change the willing ness in situations want to negotiations want . them more perfect and more strong than others.But we the other point so undeveloped and non materialistic in business .So we have never use these customs in our business.