Top 9 Key Factors Of Objectives In Material Control System Of Transnational Company

Transnational firm or company has a vast material control system via which it may be possible to deliver real time management to their subsidiaries all over the nations.

Today I am trying to short listed the Top 9 Key Factors Of Objectives In Material Control System Of Transnational Company. 
1.Routings control:-
Capture routing information and time values that can be used by manufacturing for cost of completed work.Labor status by contract,effect of changes by re routing etc.
2.Tools control:-
Capture all the tolls which are needed to manufacturing procedure and their working status with due time and future activities.
3.Make or buy material:-
Make proper decision on those item(s) are going to buy or going to sell to fulfillment of manufacturing procedure.

4.Status of material:-
Ensuring that no activity,particularly production,suffers from interruption for want of materials and stores it should be noted that this requires constant availability of every item that may be needed howsoever small its cost may be.Lubricating oil may cost much less than the main raw material but,from the point of view of uninterrupted production,both have equal importance.
5.Store control:-
Seeing to it that all the materials and stores are acquired at the lowest possible price considering the quality that is required and considering other relevant factors like reliability in respect of delivery, etc.
6.Cost Control:-
Minimization of the total cost involved,both for acquiring stocks(apart from the price paid to the supplier)and for holding them.
7.Scheduling control:-
Avoidance of unnecessary losses and wastages that may arise from deterioration in quality due to defective or long storage or from obsolescence.It may be noted that losses and wastages in the process of manufacture,concern the production department.
8.Request or proposal information:-
Maintenance of proper records to ensure that reliable information is available for all items of materials and stores that not only helps in detecting losses and pilferages but also facilitates proper production planning.
9.Elapsed time control:-
Analysis,improve and prepare an oderly procedure that can be used by manufacturing to report elapsed time if it is needed by contractual obligation.

All the times these theories are not working fairly so managers have to take real time decision on the spot which are acquired for the need of time.An effective materials management plan can improve aesthetics in transnational business.Removing unsafe and unsightly conditions,placing core services out of sight,and creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment will improve the visual and physical sense of place for those who live and work there.
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