Top 10 points to boost customer in global business with high loads of audience

Global business has become a small village via modern technology and internet. So it needs more and more specific strategies for business and marketing field.Small to smaller and large to larger business firms or establishments are going via this world wide web .This is done by their website where every thing can get such as product bruchiers , place order, make payment , book complaint , contact help center etc. But here is the question rises that why customers / audience visit your site and where from they come ! 
I am sure that the video " Lisa's Website Traffic Secret" can help you to understand the traffic and visitors flow to any business website or blog.Lisa has already proved that her experiments gets positive results.Top 10 points to boost customer in global business with high load of audience
The influx of visitors into a website is often associated by many with that of financial gains or profits. While this statement is apparently not without basis, the benefits of deriving a huge amount of traffic into a website may also include the ability to reach such a nobler motives and social responsibilities by means of profile rating the awareness and spreading the information by the organizing charitable institutions or individuals. Today , I am going to discuss Top 10 points to boost customer in global business with high loads of audience

1. Make video and share online :-

Youtube , dailymotion, vimeo, etc are awesome place to find targeted traffic. How can you get more traffic besides creating great and viral videos.Make sure to add your blog’s URL to an opening or closing “scene” of the video, Create video responses to related videos with a lot of views.These can generate large number of visitors and those are potential to become customers or clients.

2. Photograph and slide share :- , etc are the place where you can post slide /docs shows to promote your blog and get more or like wise websites are great not only for photographers but bloggers as well.PDF files work great for this. All files I make available for download can be shared and given away as long as they are not edited.

3. Social bookmarking sites :-

Stumbleupon,,, etc are the great source of audience where we can share your product or service .These sites are highly optimized and get heavy load of users.So it can give you several plus points either getting clients or getting strong online community formation process.

4. Article submission to popular sites or blogs :- ,,,Wikipedia,WikiHow etc will not only bring you targeted traffic but can also be a nice source of potential customers.These sites are an awesome place to further promote your blog and get, again, targeted traffic. Depending on your niche, you can contribute some great tips and bring thousands of visitors back to business site or service page.

5. Social media share :-

Create social media profile with genuine information of your service and product which can bring a large number of potential clients and customers. Facebook, Twitter,Linkedin,Google+ etc are playing lead roles in modern business strategies.These are my biggest traffic referrals at the moment. You should use all possible
tools to get your business shared on Facebook and other social media as much as possible because with so
many users, Facebook and twitter can bring a lot of traffic to your business website or blog.

6. Online portal positioning :-

ebay,amazon,clickbank flipkart etc are major online business portal where you can place your service and products . All the sites have a option to introduce product or service provider and you can put your business website url there. It is seen that customers or clients normally visit the providers official website to confirm legitimacy and reliability.So you can get a huge number of clients or customers from those portal because maximum customers want to direct deal.

7. Community building :-

Community building is not a simple task but once you have done it then it will bring tones of potential customers and visitors to your site You can do this by commenting others product or service either in social media or forum .You can join the conversation which started by others .Your constructive and useful comments can bring a large number of audience to your business website or blog.

8.Search engine optimization friendly :-

You need to make it easier for people to find your product or service based content. Don’t lock your
content down a pit and expect people to find it. You need to do interlinking, build backlinks and do all nifty things to optimize your posts for search engines. I think I don’t have to mention about keyword research and seo friendly content.

9. Free and paid advertisement on targeted website :-

There are thousands of free classified websites in the internet which are highly optimized and gets tones or audience daily , so you can place your ads there with a short description of product and service .This ads can brings tones of loyal customers or clients.On the other hand you can buy advertisements on Facebook ,Twitter, Google+, and many other social media where ads are a great way to get highly targeted traffic to your business website or blog.You can buy ads space as most highly popularized blogs and websites are open for advertising and can always buy advertising space on them. Choosing a blog or website that is related to your business and has a lot of visitors is a great way to get more traffic.

10. Host a contest with big prize to analysis business :-

The easiest way to analysis your business and attract new clients and customer is hosting a contest with giving a big and real time prize.Contests are beneficial on many different levels.Contests promote social sharing, excitement and are effective means of creating a “buzz” for your business website. Be sure to be clear about the purpose of the contest, the contest rules, the prize(s) being offered as well as giving people ample time to participate.A powerful strategy in hosting a contest is to encourage social sharing of the contest details by making that a prerequisite to participate in it.

Final thoughts of author :-

Global business and marketing leads via internet , now this days where website has become one of the most essential parts of business and traffic or audience is the fuel of any website.Without traffic to your website, you may as well have no website at all. Surely, you built it to either generate some sells or service revenue from it and /or to get noticed. You can’t do either if you don’t have any traffic.There my article may be helpful to the global business management system.If I have missed any points ,don't hesitate to comment bellow for further update.


Modern manager and global information source control

Today, the world is as small as a village and as large as world itself.The e-business scenario bridges these contradictory facts.The virtual world has already captured almost every where and every department world wide either poor or rich country.It is quite evident that with globalization, the world wide web has become another hot spot of common people .The rapid development of information technology has the root cause of this revolutionary changes. But management remains same in this development process , the only this has changed that it is done more quickly and puzzle free via computer and internet.Modern manager and global information source control
Modern manager and global information source control says that we are witnessing an era of convergence .The world is converging at a tremendous speed to develop synergies, thanks to the advancements of information technologies and communication systems.Today's blog post tries to cover the applying theory and practice of managerial ways under mouth of information technology.

1. Modern manager's supervision :-

Human resource department of any company or government ministry have to look after whole system of works either domestic or multinational or transnational activities with their productivity and creativity.If we go to present market then easily it is seen that the buyers being aware of the fluctuations in price and demand in local as well as global market, can place their orders immediately and accordingly.So a manager can ensure that the information available any where and any time with latest updates about products and price.

2. Global information source control :-

There are several versatile levels of information must be gathered by a manager in view of real time profit able business and marketing.Expert says that there mainly three kinds of information have to gathered instantly by a modern manager. Those are given bellow-

i. Public viewing information :-

On one level,information may be available , to any one who visit the company or departmental website or customer care center any where in the world where the business are going on.No special access permission needs for those information.

ii. Semi secure information :-

On level 2 , additional information can gets by the valued customers or firm members only.

iii. Secured information :-

On level 3, special information may be available only for the selected customers or broad members or employees only.
In order to safe global business , a manager can take some special pre cautions where it is needed .

3. B2B deal by modern manager:-

In business to business deals the credibility of the companies involved is verified for online business transactions.There is a major difference between the reality of security threats online and the perception of them by the buyers-members and common public.So a modern manager can be ensure the whole puzzling system to reality by showing the reality of security threat free.

4. Final thoughts of author :-

Needless to to say that modern business has reached to bed room of every each customer globally.The ownership of business has already moved from potential owners to technies people via customers database.So present managers must be techno experts , other wise they will loss their jobs with in a few months.

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