Top Inspirational B2B Marketing blogs and bloggers around the globe

B2B is one of the most popular word in corporate world and this word has come to blogging filed too.My blog was running in blogspot sub domain for a long period (6 years) . Then one of class mate friend booked this domain for me and gifted to me with details. B2B directly refers Business To Business , so easily can imagine what is it ! Marketing Blog blogosphere needs unique, valuable and helpful techniques and contents which can create a wave among markets and marketers .
Best Inspirational B2B Marketing blogs and bloggers around the globe

I have visited tones of B2B websites and blogs but only a few have created on the basis of the B2B Marketing rules to help marketers and business professionals . I had listed another top 50 business and marketing blog list in 2011 . I don't hesitate to agree that I had made a lot of mistakes and learned through a ton of trial and error for my blogging era. So I have looked to experts in the industry who had already blazed the trail ahead of me and great inspiration for others. Today , I am going to reveal a list of Best Inspirational B2B Marketing blogs and bloggers around the globe.

My all time favorite and Special marketing guru Seth Godin and his Seth's blog

So he is not included in this list of top B2B blogs and bloggers

Top Inspirational B2B Marketing blogs and bloggers :-

1. B2B Digital Marketing :- By @Wittlake-Eric Wittlake.

Eric shares some of the most insightful stuff you will read. Follow Eric. Read his stuff.

2. Blue Focus Marketing Blog :- By (@ckburgess and @mnburgess) -Cheryl and Mark Burgess

It is a great resource for B2B marketers and professional.

3. Biznology :- By @Biznology - Aaron Kim,Andrea Goldberg,Andrew Schulkind,Diane Thieke,Eva Lyford
, Frank Reed,Helen Nesterenko and others

This is a multi-author blog where business and technology leaders come together to form a winning digital customer experience instantly.

4. Grow :-By @MarkWSchaefer -Mark Schaefer

Mark interestingly says in his blog “You’re in marketing for one reason: Grow.”

5. Webbiquity :- By @TomPick -Tom Pick

This B2B Marketing Blog where Tom is trying to help businesses optimize their web presence.

6. Savvy B2B Marketing :- By @savvy_b2b -Savvy Sisters (Kate Headen Waddell,Michele Linn,Heather Rubesch,Wendy Thomas,Stephanie Tilton,Jamie Wallace)

This is one such blog where any one can find some amazing curated and created posts on B2B Marketing.

7. Marketing Interactions :- By @ardath421 –Ardath Albee

Ardath shares a passion for B2B Marketing and Content Marketing.

8. B2B Marketing Blog : - By @CMO4Hire - New Incite

Showcases the expertise of Jennifer Beever “Chief Marketing Officer for Hire” for growing companies.

9. Velocity Partners :- By @DougKessler and @RSkin11

This is a UK-based firm who opinions on B2B Marketing are always provocative and very relevant for the world of B2B Marketing.

10. B2B Ideas@Work : - By @BillyMitchell1-Billy Mitchell

The marketing folks at MLT Creative which has some great insights on B2B Marketing and he is just a great guy .

11. B2B In A B2C World Blog :- By @maureenb2b -Maureen Blandford

Maureen’s point of view is so logical in an irrational world and she’t not afraid of telling the truth and calling out the BS.

12. Heinz on Marketing :- by @heinzmarketing-Matt Heinz.

Matt is a great guy and he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to B2B Markjeting and Sales Alignment.

13. The Forward Observer :- By @artillerymarket and @DouglasBurdett -Artillery Marketing and Doug Burdett

The great duo share their unique perspective on B2B Marketing.

14. Convince and Convert :- by (@JayBaer-Jay Baer

Corporate strategic B2B Marketing objectives and boil them down into actionable ideas. Jay is not just a social media rockstar, he knows how to help B2B Marketers create real business value.

15. Chief Marketing Technologist Blog :- By @chiefmartec -Scott Brinker

The CTO of Ion Interactive, who talks about the combination of 2 powerful forces: marketing and technology in his blog posts.

16. B2B Marketing and Sales Blog :- By @JonMiller and @JasonMillerCA -Marketo Inc

This blog covers the latest trends and best practices in B2B marketing.

17. All About Revenue :-By @Eloqua-Eloqua

The blog explores the role innovation plays in revenue generation.

18. Inbound Marketing Blog :- By @HubSpot -Hubspot

Inbound Internet Marketing blog covers all of inbound marketing such as SEO, blogging, social media, lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing & management, and analytics.

19. Content Marketing Institute :- By @CMIContent and (@JuntaJoe)-Jow Pulizzi

This blog covers everything you need to know about content marketing.

20. MarketingProfs :- By @MarketingProfs- Allen Weiss


Conclusion :-

This list may not be one of the best resources covering the latest marketing trends and thought leadership in B2B and B2C but I am sure all the blogs and bloggers are really smart and talented on their specific field of research. I have not included some great personalities and their blogs in this list because this list covers only upcoming B2B stars in corporate thinkers.These are the ones who were recommended by a majority of marketers and social media followers and those that have influenced my works too.Where from you and what you do that is not factor but they will inspire you any time and any where . If I have missed a few upcoming celebrity bloggers' blogs, please suggest an addition in the comments below.