Top Marketing Mantras to Handle Angry Clients and Customers

Business and marketing are two sides of coin and both side must be valid them it has value other wise worth less. Similarly Business stands on marketing where business is quite impossible with out marketing.My today's article tries to enter deep of marketing with un happy clients and customers while there are large numbers of happy customers with great respect and loyalty but the number of unhappy customers will be there. I am sure that all of us marketing professional get a few angry and up set customers in your business line.Survey say that an angry customer can be a disaster to you and your business reputation either online or offline.As per experts notion says that It is always better to bid the good bye those clients but how you do this un wanted task?

As a teacher of business management , I believe that it is possible to handle those clients with a professional approach. The main things is being calm quite and resolved the issue via dedicated customer care representative or directly talk with them with respect them all and their problem.

Mantras to Handle Angry customers:-

Before I was joining in teaching staff , I had have worked with my husband as web solution firm which is still running by a team under supervision of my husband. In those days , I had got a lots of such clients who came with angry mood and latter become loyal life time clients.But how do it possible -
1. Let your customer vent out their mind.
2. Don’t argue with them.
3. listen with care all his/her complaints
4. Say sorry if fault is yours. Or, be empathetic.
5. Follow up to show your interest and concern.
6. Provide the immediate solution along with the permanent one.
7. Even customers’ expectation for compensation is higher than his capacity then reveal it with humble and respect.[ You can use interesting examples such entertainment story]
8. If problem is out of your reach the consult with higher authority in short time. [Solving customer issues becomes easy if you really care for it]
9. Directly go to search out the problem without digging whose fault it was and find out the solutions.

Root cases of dissatisfaction:-

It is known to all that clients/customers pay us for product or service with a acceptation of satisfaction but they do not get the product or service as they were desired then the angry situation comes. My finding may not be root cause but it is influenced a lots behind customer’s dissatisfaction.

My view points on dissatisfaction:-

As far I have above mentioned , I was the main responsible representative for my hubby's firm then I liked to call up my clients/ customers tried to fix the issue by discussing over and over until the issue was solved. In the such way , our firm gets a strong base reputation among existing clients as well as new clients too.