Teenager problems and their solutions

Teenagers have real issues, when their age is between 13 and 19 years, on a routine basis as this is the most awkward growing phase of their lives.

Teenager problems and their solutions

Teenagers have real issues, when their age is between 13 and 19 years, on a routine basis as this is the most awkward growing phase of their lives. During this time, teens are exposed to some unidentified external and internal struggles. They go through, and are expected to bear with hormonal changes, puberty, social and parental forces, work and school pressures, and so on. Many teens feel misunderstood. It is important or rather necessary that their feelings,thoughts, anxiety, emotions are being understood and validated and clarified to them and that the validation comes from their parents. Parents need to address their children, who have been going through with teenage growth problems and issues, carefully, delicately and in a friendly manner to discuss the major concerns which a teenager faces or goes through during their growth. Some of the major concerns are:

Self Esteem and Body Image- Teenagers are very much concerned and sensuous with their self esteem and body language so this part needed to be handled with care.

Stress- Teenagers always go through stress due to various issues like education pressure, career growth etc so needed to be handled very delicately.

Bullying- Sometimes teenagers get bullied and it can result in them taking wrong pathways so needed to be monitored very carefully.

Depression-Every teenager passes through depression and sadness phase so needed to be adhered very carefully

Drinking and Smoking- It's a common problem nowadays with teenagers so proper education and guidance should be given to teenagers by their parents so that they don't drag themselves to this type of addiction. .

Underage Sex- It is also a major problem nowadays with the teenagers and needed to be handled and make them understand very carefully so that they realise what is the right pathway.

Teen Pregnancy- It's a common mistake that happens with teenagers so rather scaring them and allowing them to take some uneven step it is better to make them understand very friendly and come to a solution.

Defiant Behaviour- It is also a common problem among the teenagers and needs to be handled with care.

Pressure and Competition- It is also a common problem among teenagers and needs to be handled very efficiently and effectively.

Parents need to build up a much friendly relationship with their wards. Good communication, understanding of situation enhanced patience is desired from the parents for handling adverse situations well. Parent’s well awareness about the teenager’s daily activity is a must follow step to handle teenagers carefully. Parents should keep a very close notice on the teenagers whereabouts, friend circles, their changing likings and dislikings to fight difficult situations. There will be many obstacles, difficulties and hurdles a teenager will face during their growing phase but there comes the role of the parents who need to find out innovative ways for solutions to these problems in an effective and efficient manner.

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